By now you’ve likely heard the rumor that Marvel is set to offer Hugh Jackman approximately $100 million to reprise his Wolverine character at least four more times beyond 'X-Men: Days of Future Past.' We all love Hugh, and we all love Wolverine, but we’ve still got to ask: Is Jackman as Wolverine really worth that kind of money?

The star has portrayed Logan six times already, including his cameo in 'First Class'; his most recent effort, 'The Wolverine,' has been something of a box office disappointment in the US, but it’s going strong overseas, slicing up almost $200 million and counting. Most studios count more on international grosses than domestic nowadays, so the obvious fact that Wolverine is still a big commodity overseas isn’t lost on 20th Century Fox. Plus, Jackman’s take as the character is firmly etched in our minds; it’s impossible to think of anyone else tackling him.

But will audiences still have a hunger for the character throughout the next decade? If indeed Jackman takes up the (again, rumored) offer, that’s $25 million a picture, and that’s a quote almost no actor gets nowadays. (Save for maybe Robert Downey, Jr. in his Marvel films.) No matter how perfect Jackman is when he rocks the adamantium claws, it’s not easy to justify that kind of money for anyone in this business, so fickle and unpredictable are audiences. After all, didn’t we all assume ‘The Wolverine’ was going to make a lot more than $55 million during its opening weekend in the states?

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