One of Superman's most interesting struggles has always been whether to follow the example set by his human, adopted father, Jonathan Kent or his long-dead natural father, Jor-El. In 'Man of Steel,' we know that "Pa" Kent (Kevin Costner) teaches him his core values, but it looks like he inherited all of his ass-kicking abilities from his actual daddy (Russell Crowe), as this new clip shows us that Superman won't be the only one kicking butt and taking names in Zack Snyder's film.

Like all clips of this kind, the scene is free of context, but it's cool nonetheless. Jor-El is under some kind of military escort, but he soon finds an opportunity for escape and takes it. In a matter of seconds, Krypton's most famous scientist (who apparently took a martial arts lesson or two) has dispatched all of his captors and is off to reunite with his wife ... only to find himself in the middle of a warzone.

Like the original 1978 'Superman,' 'Man of Steel' appears to open on Superman's home planet of Krypton just as the entire planet is about to come to a fiery end. However, Snyder's take on this world couldn't be more different than past incarnations, trading in those iconic-but-overused white crystals for a look that's been torn straight out of an old-school, science-fiction comic book. With luck, the combination of Crowe's performance and this fresh take on Krypton will make reliving Superman's familiar origin story a fresh experience.

'Man of Steel' finally hits theaters on June 14.