In case you hadn't heard, a new Superman movie comes out this weekend. After seemingly eons of anticipation, Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' finally lifts off for all the world to see. So when will you be catching it?

As hard as it is to believe, the reboot was announced all the way back in February of 2010, so it has been over three years (and some would say even longer) since we began salivating at the prospect of a new Superman film. So far, the reviews have been decidedly mixed (although our own Jordan Hoffman absolutely loved it), but general audiences and movie geeks aren't likely to care what the critics say one way or another when it comes to a project like this.

So when will you see 'Man of Steel'? Opening day? The near future? Or - can it be?! - do you not plan on ever seeing it? Vote in our poll below and let us know!