I'm not sure what kind of devious plan that Martha Stewart is hatching.  She's flown under the radar a bit since her public legal troubles, but now she slowly seems to be crocheting her way onto the tube, but not like she's used to.  First she books a spot cameoing as herself on a popular CBS sitcom, now she's approaching the last place you'd expect Martha Stewart to be...

TVGuide reports that homemaking mogul Martha Stewart has booked an upcoming gig on long-running NBC staple 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,' set for April.  Rather than play herself as she will for an upcoming guest spot on CBS comedy '2 Broke Girls' however, Stewart will be playing the headmaster of an exclusive private school in upcoming episode "Learning Curve."

Stewart isn't the only recognizable face to appear in the episode however, as former 'Arrested Development' star Tony Hale also guests as Rick Simms, a man fired from the institution for accusations of improper behavior with one of the students.  Rounding out the guest cast is 'Hung' star (former 'Hung' star, ouch!) Jane Adams, who plays Simm's former supervisor.

Acting a role is an exceptionally rare occurrence for Stewart, whose last appearance in fiction was a 2010 episode of 'The Simpsons' playing herself.  It remains unknown what type of sinister television presence is trying to craft with the sudden array of prime-time appearances.  Mights this be the start of a terrifying new "Planet of the Homemakers?"  In this reporter's opinion, almost certainly so!  And away I go!

'Law and Order' and all it's various incarnations have just about featured every celebrity under the sun at one point or another, but how do you feel about seeing the homemaker magnate on the tube?  Will you tune in for some of Tony Hale's old Buster Bluth charm?  Tell us if you think this is "a good thing" in the comments below!