Martin Scorsese once said of Sam Fuller that if you don't love Fuller's films you don't love movies. We'd say that same of Scorsese. What would cinema be without 'Taxi Driver' or 'Raging Bull?' As great as those films are, Scorsese thinks he could have improved them. Improved them by shooting them in 3-D.

That's what he told the crowd at CinemaCon today, and to which the AP transcribed. He says he plans on shooting everything going forward in three dimensions. That must include his recently announced 'Wolf of Wall Street,' which looks to be his next project.

He joins a handful of directors who are full on 3-D converts, with the most notable being James Cameron.  One would think for Martin Scorsese - who fetishizes the three strip technicolor process with the best of them - that he views 3-D as his generation's three strip. That technicolor process did make colors leap off the screen, so perhaps this is modern cinema's only equivalent.

Scorsese said "It's like seeing a moving sculpture of the actor and it's almost like a combination of theater and film combined and it immerses you in the story more." Hopefully, this doesn't mean he'll join George Lucas and Cameron in post-converting his films. Though if led to re-releases of 'The King of Comedy' or 'Taxi Driver' in multiple dimensions - to quote the director in the latter film - "Now that you should see." Or, at least, we would.