Martin Scorsese - one of America's greatest directors - is teaming up with Lord Richard Attenborough (director of 'Gandhi,' and star of such films as 'The Great Escape' and 'Jurassic Park') to produce 'Silver Ghost' - the story of how Charles Rolls and Henry Royce came together to make that famous car and hood ornament.

Variety tells us that the film would be about the founders, but also about about Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, whose lover was the inspiration for the car's famous ornament. Currently no director is attached, and Scorsese is going forward with his latest 'The Wolf of Wall Street' so he probably won't be jumping on to handle it himself. Attenborough is eighty-eight, so it's doubtful he would take on the directorial duties.

It would be nice to say that Scorsese's name on the title makes it something to see - and the story sounds interesting - but though he's produced some great movies like 'You Can Count on Me' and 'The Grifters,' some of the other films he's produced (or executive produced) seem to have fallen through the cracks. Films like 2009's 'The Young Victoria' and 2008's 'Lymelife' didn't get much help from Scorsese's name. With Attenborough on board it definitely reeks of prestige, as Lord Richard is best known for directing Oscar hopefuls like 'Gandhi' and 'Cry Freedom.'