Directing legend Martin Scorsese has been talking about wanting to make a feature film on the life of iconic singer Frank Sinatra, but only now is the project finally picking up some steam. But will it still be a movie or something even bigger?

Scorsese is batting the idea of possibly making the Frank Sinatra biopic into a mini series, according to The Playlist. He's already on the hunt for possible writers for the project, but what will be the determining factor as to who he hires is which route he'll take. Either he'll be making this into a movie like he originally intended, or into a mini series. But wait, where did this come from?

Apparently Scorsese loves the iconic singer's life so much that he may rather see it told within fifteen hours on HBO instead of two in only one film.

"It would be 15 hours -- then you've got something like a miniseries, along the lines of 'Boardwalk Empire'... As long as you stay reasonably on budget, you have freedom which is very difficult to find in the cinematic marketplace."

If it'll be turned into a mini series, it'd be interesting to see exactly how much Martin Scorsese would actually direct. Hey, if he directed a fifteen hour series that would give a lot of cinephiles enough incentive to watch HBO like mad.

Would you rather see Martin Scorsese make the Frank Sinatra story into a movie or a mini series?