It's difficult to have audience members get into a new type of superhero that they haven't been exposed to for years already like Batman, Superman or Spider-Man. Luckily for all those involved with 'Chronicle,' lighting struck as the right combination mixed together formed a box office hit of a movie. Now 20th Century Fox wants to move forward with 'Chronicle 2,' hiring the scribe of the first movie, Max Landis, to write up the script for the sequel.

'Chronicle' put together two things one wouldn't think they'd see in a movie; superheroes and found footage. The film, directed by Josh Trank, centers on a small group of high school kids who end up with superpowers after uncovering who knows what. Then it's a matter of them not only learning how to control their powers but figuring out whether or not they'll be on the side of good or evil. It's something that every superhero has been going through for decades on end, like Catwoman or Magneto.

Max Landis has a couple more projects lined up to write, including 'Amnesty' for Universal Pictures / Imagine Entertainment which has Ron Howard attached to direct. Between the amount of work Landis is getting and the never-ending love he's receiving from the comic book geek community, the young guy must be pretty happy right now.

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