Melissa McCarthy is inarguably one of our most talented (and hardest working) actresses—if only some of her film projects could measure up to her greatness. Before the Academy Award-nominated actress plays Tinker Bell for Shawn Levy, she’ll appear in ‘Michelle Darnell,’ a film which sees her reuniting with her husband and ‘Tammy’ director Ben Falcone. Fingers crossed that this project is a little better than ‘Tammy.’

‘Tammy’ wasn’t a bad film, it was just a little underwhelming, which was disappointing considering that it was co-written by McCarthy and Falcone. The pair have a few more projects lined up based on characters created by McCarthy, and today Universal has announced a release date for one of those films (via Coming Soon)—’Michelle Darnell’ will hit theaters on April 8, 2016. The ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ movie previously held that spot, but has been pushed back to make room for McCarthy’s latest.

‘Michelle Darnell’ follows a successful woman (McCarthy) who’s sent to prison for insider trading. Following her release, Michelle tries to rebrand herself, but finds that many of the people she previously screwed over aren’t too eager to forgive and forget. Hopefully the Michelle Darnell character will be something of a departure for McCarthy, who’s proved time and again that she’s great at playing boisterous characters with a penchant for physical comedy. She’s such a fantastic talent, but these roles are getting a little redundant.

McCarthy and Falcone penned the script for ‘Michelle Darnell’ alongside fellow Groundlings vet and collaborator Steve Mallory. You may remember Falcone from his supporting role in ‘Bridesmaids,’ in which he played the air marshall, or from ‘Tammy,’ in which he played McCarthy’s boss at the fast food restaurant.