Another day, another development for Sony's Steve Jobs biopic! Christian Bale abruptly dropped out of the ambitious film only yesterday, but director Danny Boyle and the studio have already set their sights on one of the few leading men who can match his intensity: Michael Fassbender.

This is far from a sure thing and the original Deadline article specifies he's in "early talks" for the part (the same level of talks that Bale eventually walked away from). However, he fits the bill. After all, once Leonardo DiCaprio and Christian Bale have said no to your film, he feels like the next logical step. Like those two, Fassbender carries around a certain amount of prestige. He's a true leading man, not quite a movie star, but respected enough to get butts in seats and get the Academy talking come Oscar season. And yes, this is exactly the kind of role that could finally win Fassbender a little golden statue.

If Fassbender does sign on the dotted line, he'll join a cast that will supposedly include Seth Rogen as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and Jessica Chastain as Jobs' assistant. With the buzz about Aaron Sorkin's screenplay through the roof, this feels like the right move for Fassbender. After all, you can only Mangeto so many times before it gets boring.

This film still doesn't have a title, but Sony wants to get rolling soon for a late 2015 release date. But how many leading men will they churn through first?!