It might finally be time to start investing in a VR headset. Reports indicate that Avatar and Fast & Furious star Michelle Rodriguez will push it to The Limit with a new virtual reality series directed by none other than Machete helmer Robert Rodriguez.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the first-person action series is described as “one of the first high-end native VR film projects,” and will “premiere on STX’s upcoming pay-per-experience VR channel ‘Surreal,’ launching as an app on VR headsets in mid-2018.” As directed and produced by Robert Rodriguez (co-written with his son, Racer Max), the series will feature Michelle as “a genetically enhanced weapon of mass destruction hellbent on destroying the covert agency that created her.” Said STXsurreal boss Rick Rey:

The Limit is a first-of-its-kind series in a new format that delivers a blockbuster, lean-back cinematic experience that audiences can’t find anywhere else in the VR marketplace right now. By assembling entertainment’s most sought-after writers, directors, and actors we have a shot at changing the VR industry.

The Limit is far from the first TV-adjacent venture into virtual reality. Animated shows like Rick and Morty have begun producing VR content, while other live-action properties like Breaking Bad have explored the possibility. In the meantime, stay tuned for further details of the dual Rodriguezes’ latest collaboration.

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