Microsoft has (for better or worse) changed the way Xbox Live Gold accounts and game sharing will work on the Xbox One. Though we've known a few details about the process, there were still plenty of unanswered questions. Now we've got a bit of clarity.

Any Xbox Live Gold member can now extend the benefits of the subscription to any and every other user on the same console. Those benefits include multiplayer gaming and accessing the entertainment apps. The same is true if you go to a friend's home, and sign in on his console.

Game sharing, while nerfed a bit from the original concept, will still be a crucial part of the Xbox One's success. According to Xbox Wire, anyone you share a console with will be able to play any of your digital games with no issue. When you sign in on another console, your entire digital library will be available for you to play, and if you purchase a game on another console, it too will be available on your home device for anyone sharing Home Gold to play.

We've still got some time until we get to see any of these features in action, but at least there are going to be some benefits for multi-user households.