The Xbox One division of Microsoft seems to be in a bit of an uproar since the departure of Don Mattrick. Recently though, the company has undergone some serious restructuring and the hardware and software teams for the Xbox One have been split up.

In an effort to unite Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced in a memo, obtained by All Things D, that the company would be restructuring a bit. While the company has been split up into a number of divisions, Engineering, where the Xbox One lives, has been split up into four different units

Two of these units will be directly responsible for the Xbox One. Terry Meyerson has taken up the mantle as head of "Operating Systems". Meyerson previously worked on the Windows Phone and will be in charge of the programming and software systems within the new Xbox One. The "Devices and Studios" unit is being led by Julie Larson-Green and will be in charge of anything physical on Th.e Xbox One from the case to silicon chips.

What does this mean for the Xbox One? Well, we'll have to wait and see. Usually having a disconnect between different aspects of a piece of technology can lead to communication breakdown and problems. But, having two teams working on the same project could bring about some startling innovations.