'Minecraft,' the hugely successful open world video game, is the latest "How do you turn that into a movie?" property to be optioned by Hollywood, as Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to turn the game into a big screen adventure.

This news comes from Deadline, who bring up both 'The LEGO Movie' and 'Need for Speed' as part of the reason why this is happening, though the connective tissue to 'LEGO' is obvious as both will be produced by Roy Lee.They also suggest that many writers and directors would love to adapt the material, perhaps because (much like the aforementioned movies) the name brand is the only thing being bought as there's no narrative to speak of, which means they can turn the film into whatever they want.

And that's the good news/bad news of this. This can literally be anything as long as at some point the characters build things, the problem is that they've got find filmmakers as talented as 'LEGO' directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord, which is a tall order. Making a movie out of 'Minecraft' isn't necessarily a terrible idea (though it is a sad commentary on how desperate the film business is for brands), it just depends on who they get to make it.

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