Following the success of 'The LEGO Movie,' Warner Bros. picked up the rights to similarly adapt the wildly popular Minecraft video game for the big screen, and now it looks like they've found their master builder: director Shawn Levy, known for helming the 'Night at the Museum' franchise.

Deadline reports that Levy is in talks to direct the 'Minecraft' movie, which is being produced by Roy Lee, who also produced WB's incredibly successful 'LEGO Movie.' Levy is a versatile director, who most recently helmed the dramedy 'This Is Where I Leave You,' and has 'Night at the Museum 3' hitting theaters on December 19. His previous directing credits also include 'Real Steel,' 'Date Night,' and 'The Pink Panther,' and he produced 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.'

'Minecraft,' like 'The LEGO Movie,' is ripe for big screen adaptation because it provides a highly inventive and pliable world for its players, who are inserted into the universe and asked to invent and construct anything they can come up with using the cubes all around them in order to defeat the game's villains. Any story is possible with a 'Minecraft' movie, giving it the potential to be just as fun and successful as 'The LEGO Movie.'