‘Minecraft’ Movie Hires an ‘Always Sunny’ Director
Today in “extremely unlikely actors making their unlikely directorial debuts with unlikely projects,” we have It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator and star Rob McElhenney landing the Minecraft movie. If you are familiar with every element of that sentence then you know j…
'Minecraft' Movie Being Built by Director Shawn Levy
Following the success of 'The LEGO Movie,' Warner Bros. picked up the rights to similarly adapt the wildly popular Minecraft video game for the big screen, and now it looks like they've found their master builder: director Shawn Levy, known for helming the 'Night at the Museum≈…
'Minecraft' is Coming to the Big Screen
'Minecraft,' the hugely successful open world video game, is the latest "How do you turn that into a movie?" property to be optioned by Hollywood, as Warner Brothers has acquired the rights to turn the game into a big screen adventure.

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