This past weekend's 'Saturday Night Live' hosted by Josh Brolin was a particularly memorable one, with everything from "The Californians" to 'Game of Thrones' spoofs still making the rounds days later, but the latest potential guest appearance might even outshine Josh Brolin's glimmering blonde California locks.

According to Deadline reporting on an interview with ABC's 'World News Tonight,' republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may just take 'SNL' up on its offer to appear!  Speaking to Diane Sawyer on the subject Romney responded to the rumors, saying “I haven’t made a decision on that, just heard about it. Of course,it would depend on the nature of the skit. I want it to be funny.”

Currently cast member Jason Sudeikis performs the go-to impression of Romney, something the GOP candidate admits to DVRing, finding the likeness “very good.”  Of course, with all the rumors surrounding Sudeikis' possible departure at the end of the season, alongside long-running cast-mates Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg, Romney may not be able to square off against his sketch comedy doppelganger on live TV.  'SNL' writer Jim Downey chimed in to the New York Times, "I'm sure [Sudeikis and Wiig] would stick around for the pre-election shows."

Having also recently appeared to poke fun at his stiff demeanor on 'The Late Show with David Letterman,' Romney would join the long list of political figures to put in appearances on the iconic weekly comedy series, including Gerald Ford, Barack Obama, John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin, and others.

'SNL' wont return until May 5, to be hosted by football star Eli Manning and Rihanna, so might Romney have an appearance planned by then?  Do you think Romney could handle his own hosting duties, or is he best served in cameo?  Give us your best ideas for a Mitt Romney sketch in the comments below!