Well all know it's not the sprawling fantasy story-telling, the gorgeous set design and costuming or even the smart-mouthed dwarf that's got fans hooked on HBO's hit genre series, 'Game of Thrones.' Truth be told, it's the boobs. And 'SNL' has gone behind the scenes on the show's production to introduce us to the thirteen-year-old boy who makes sure we get a healthy dose of T&A in every episode.

The 'SNL' Digital Short, which aired during this past weekend's Josh Brolin episode, features Andy Samberg as thirteen-year-old, Adam Friedberg, one-half of the creative force behind the show, or at least all the nude scenes. In the "First Look" feature spoof, Friedberg explains his creative process.

"I remember there was this one scene where a dude was talking to himself and I was like, why don't we add two naked ladies...Let's just say, the scene started working."

Hey may only be thirteen-years-old but Friedberg might be on to something. On that note, I can't wait to meet the twelve-year-old behind "Spartacus." Check out the clip, complete with network-safe blurring, below!