The Disneynature documentary series of films are always an exciting event—released each year on Earth Day, the film series has covered animals like bears, chimpanzees, birds, and African cats. And now they’ll revisit the primate family for a new installment titled ‘Monkey Kingdom,’ which follows a group of blonde-bobbed monkeys in South Asia on a riveting journey.

Like their previous films, ‘Monkey Kingdom’ also comes with a famous narrator—this time it’s Suraj Sharma, star of ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘Million Dollar Arm.’ He’ll guide us through the story of Maya and her complex extended family. Things get even more complicated when Maya gives birth to her son Kip, and the home she shares with her primate family at Castle Rock is taken over by another group of monkeys. Maya is forced to relocate her family and use her years of experience and her quick-thinking to help provide for them in a strange and unusual new place. But if they want to return to their home at Castle Rock, the family will have to work together to overcome the odds.

You won’t just see blonde-bobbed monkeys in ‘Monkey Kingdom.’ The film also features appearances from leopards, a mongoose, lizards, and other species of monkeys. As a bonus, if you see ‘Monkey Kingdom’ during opening week, Disneynature will donate in your honor to Conservation International.

‘Monkey Kingdom’ hits theaters on April 17, 2015.