What, the four 'Monsters, Inc. 2' trailers weren't enough for you yesterday? You need more 'Monsters University' love? How about some beautiful new concept art from the film that shows off the actual Monsters University that Mike and Sulley attend?

As you may know, 'Monsters University' is actually a prequel that takes place before the events in 'Monsters, Inc.' It follows Mike and Sulley as they attend Monsters U., a place where monsters go to learn how to scare. (and presumably have giant, monster keggers).

What's really interesting in these two pieces of concept art from the film is the architecture. Look at the dome and the archway in the second photo below or the fangs on the gothic signage in the first photo. It's little details like that that make Pixar the best at what they do.

The film doesn't hit theaters until 2013 so there's much yet to still see and learn about the film.  Take a look at the new 'Monsters, Inc. 2' concept art below and start getting excited for Pixar's new film.