Racking up a plethora of nominations and wins this awards season is the quirky, clever 'Moonrise Kingdom' screenplay. Penned by director Wes Anderson along with Roman Coppola, the script recently nabbed an Oscar nod, sadly its only nomination.

If you enjoyed Anderson and Coppola's peculiar brand of humor and whimsy as we did (you can see its prime placement on our Top 20 Movies of 2012), you'll be happy to flip through the script itself, which has just appeared online. Only this isn't just any stuffy old screenplay - this one is interactive!

Thanks to Focus Features, the interactive screenplay for 'Moonrise Kingdom' is, like the movie itself, a visual treat, offering up stills from the movie, production design sketches, storyboards, artwork and more. Not to mention the script itself; you'll see just how detailed Anderson and Coppola's descriptions are for each and every set-piece.

To explore the screenplay, head over to here. Below are just a few samples of what you'll be getting into.