Redbox has been serving customers for 10 years now and to celebrate, they released a list of the all-time top rentals since 2002. The result is both surprising and embarrassing.

And without further ado, here is the list of the top 10 rentals in Redbox history from 1/2002 to 9/2012:

10. 'Rango'
9. 'The Proposal'
8. 'Zookeeper'
7. 'Bridesmaids'
6. 'Salt'
5. 'Jack and Jill'
4. '21 Jump Street'
3. 'Grown Ups'
2. 'Bad Teacher'
1. 'Just Go With It'

So America, sit down, we need to talk. First off, we applaud you on 'Rango' and 'Bridesmaids' and '21 Jump Street' - well done! These are legitimately great, funny movies. But the rest of this list? EEEESH. Their average Rotten Tomatoes score is a whopping 27%. (This is not to say that Rotten Tomatoes is the be all, end all of film criticism but even in Rotten Tomatoes' wonky scoring system, 27% is not so good.)

If you're counting, that's four Adam Sandler movies (we're lumping in 'Zookeeper' with that bunch) in the Top 10. There's only one action film ('Salt') and no movie that came out before 2009. There is certainly a place in our society for bad Adam Sandler comedies and we wouldn't want to bemoan anyone the opportunity to rent these films but also, you know, maybe try something different? If you need some suggestions, might we direct you to our Best Movies of 2012 list that should offer up some gems you may have missed in theaters.

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