Would you pay one million dollars for a movie poster? With an original one-sheet from Fritz Lang's 1927 silent masterpiece 'Metropolis' going to auction soon, that's the big question. Commonly cited as the most valuable movie poster in the world, the iconic piece of art is expected to fetch huge piles of cash from a collector with very deep pockets.

The poster is only one of four remaining the world and was in the possession of collector Kenneth Schacter, who, unfortunately, will soon be losing his entire poster collection (valued at $5 million) in due to Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Although we certainly feel bad for Mr. Schacter (although not too bad since it seems he was being pretty shady with his financiers), it will be fascinating to watch how much his impressive collection will fetch at auction, particularly his three most valuable pieces: the 'Metropolis' poster, a poster for the original 'King Kong' and a teaser poster for 'The Invisible Man.'

Called "the crown jewel of the poster world," Schacter acquired the 'Metropolis' print in 2005 for a record breaking $690,000. Some sources report that it is now worth upwards of $850,000, with many suggesting that it may break the $1,000,000 mark come auction time, especially since the cost of movie memorabilia has been skyrocketing recently. The auction is expected to take place sometime toward the end of the year, so break out your check books, ladies and gentlemen...this one is going to break the bank.


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