It's a common complaint: You watch the trailer for an upcoming movie only to feel like you've just been shown the entire movie. In an effort to get as many butts in seats on opening day as possible, it feels as if studios are pushing the envelope as to what level of spoilers they can get away with in their trailers. But is this a legitimate complaint? A new study confirms that we're not just imagining things and half of the moviegoing population think trailers are ruining movies. But for those thinking this will mean less spoilers will be very disappointed and we'll tell you why.

A YouGov Omnibus survey taken conducted from April 26 to 28 confirmed that movie trailers are the most important factor in convincing audiences to see a movie but that 49% of those polled felt that those same movie trailers were spoiling way too much of the movie. Makes sense, right? Well, here's where things get tricky.

While the majority of people polled agreed that movie trailers give away too much of a film's plot, the majority of those same people said that spoilers actually made them want to see the movie more. So we can agree that movie trailers include too many spoilers but we can't seem to agree on whether or not that's a good thing.

Most people say they don't want spoilers but subconsciously do seeing spoilers actually convince them to go see a movie? A trailer, after all, is meant to sell people on a movie, not serve as a form of mini-entertainment and if giving away spoilers continues to put butts in seats, it looks like we won't see an end to this trend any time soon.

What do you think? Do you like knowing everything about a movie? Do you hate spoilers and avoid them at all costs? Let us know your thoughts on this issue below.