Mr. Robot wrapped up its third season last December, shortly after the USA series was renewed for a fourth year. But earlier this week, star and producer Christian Slater suggested the next season could very well be the end for the Emmy-winning series.

While speaking with Collider, Slater noted the next season is still being written and that he has no idea how much he’ll appear. But the big news is, according to Slater, Season 4 is expected to be the final season for the USA series:

Yeah, Season 4, and I believe that will be the last season. [Show creator] Sam [Esmail] always said it was going to be somewhere in that zone, and he didn’t want to go further than what he could creatively contribute to that storyline. So, I think that Season 4 will be it.

But what does star Rami Malek think? On Saturday, I hopped on the phone with the Emmy winner to talk about the upcoming remake Papillon, where he plays a real-life incarcerated forger, a role originally played by Dustin Hoffman. When I mentioned Slater’s comments, either Malek is a very good actor even over the phone, or I was the first to tell him Season 4 of Mr. Robot could be its last. Here’s what he told me:

That’s news to me. Christian, I should text him. It’s his birthday today. I’ll give him a ring and find out what info he’s got. Well, if Sam can do the rest of the story in one season, that’ll be a feat.

It sounds like there’s still plenty to wrap up with Elliot’s story on the show. Though it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Mr. Robot did end after one more season, as Esmail has suggested as much in the past. When speaking about the Season 3 finale with The Hollywood Reporter last year, the creator said he’s always imagined the show will only last four or five seasons. “Whether that means the next two seasons are two short seasons, or it could technically still be two full ten-episode seasons, we’re still kind of figuring that out,” he said.

So we may get two more seasons, albeit shorter ones, or perhaps Esmail will follow Mad Men‘s lead and split the final set of episodes into two parts. Either way, Malek hasn’t been told of an impending finale. Hopefully that birthday text will reveal some more details – share it with us Rami!

Until then, we’ll see plenty of Malek on the big screen. Papillon, which also stars Charlie Hunnam, hits theaters August 24, and Malek’s Freddie Mercury will rock us when Bohemian Rhapsody arrives November 2. Stay tuned for my full interview with Malek about both films next week.

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