The 2016 Emmy Awards have already given some much deserved accolades and a few head-scratchers, but at least a few saw this one coming. After many years under the radar, Rami Malek has finally hacked his way into taking home the statue for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama.

“Please tell me you’re seeing this too,” Malek joked in-character at his astonishing win. The actor was honored to recognized among such prestigious talent, and profusely thanked “visionary” creator Rami Malek.

Malek beat out a tough Emmy 2016 lineup that included Kyle Chandler of Bloodline, first-timer Matthew Rhys of FX’s The Americans, Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul, Liev Schreiber of Ray Donovan and House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. Last year, Jon Hamm of Mad Men finally took home the award for the show’s final season.

Well, did Rami Malek deserve the win? Who got snubbed the hardest? Be sure to check out our master list of tonight’s winners, and stay tuned for more from the 2016 Emmy Awards!

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