Do Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci - writers of 'Star Trek,' 'Transformers' and 'Cowboys & Aliens' - ever sleep? Because it's amazing to see how many projects these two end up doing within the span of a year. They continue to pack on even more pictures to their already overflowing pile with the help of Universal Pictures.

Shock Till You Drop reports that Universal Pictures just signed the two screenwriters to a two-year, first-look production deal with their K/O Productions banner. So what are they going to do? They're going to take a new spin on 'Van Helsing' and 'The Mummy.' Granted, it's been less than twenty years since we've seen Universal put these two properties on the big screen, but this is the nature of the Hollywood beast.

Both of these projects already have a lot of big people backing them, the biggest being Tom Cruise who is attached to star and produce in 'Van Helsing.' Now we can declare that not only did Tom Cruise play one of the most famous and feared vampires in fiction (Lestat in 'Interview with the Vampire') but now he's going to be one of the ultimate vampire killer. It's funny how those things work out.

There may not be a star attached to 'The Mummy' at the moment but they have the producer and writer to back it. Jon Spaihts ('The Darkest Hour,' 'Prometheus') is writing the script and Sean Daniel is producing the movie.

Do you want to see Van Helsing and The Mummy be remade?