When the credits rolled at the end of 'The Muppets,' the titular felt heroes had made the comeback of a lifetime. Now we see that 'Muppets: Most Wanted' begins moments after the conclusion of the last film, with Kermit and the gang realizing that the cameras are still on them so they might as well go ahead and make a sequel. Then, in true Muppets fashion, everyone begins to sing about the fact that they're making a sequel.

This opening number doesn't even touch on the story of 'Muppets: Most Wanted' (the previous trailers handled that just fine). It's just a catchy new song, performed with aplomb, over footage from the film. And that's great, since the "We're Doing a Sequel" song is clever, catchy and fun, acknowledging that sequels are never as good as the original and that the Muppets are seen by their parent company as a "viable franchise." It's the kind of self-referential, self-deprecating humor that has always elevated the Muppets above typical kiddie fare (there's also a really funny 'Toy Story 4' joke).

It's also the first bit of footage to actually get us really interested in 'Muppets: Most Wanted.' Although everyone fell in love with the previous film, little that we've seen from the sequel has rekindled the excitement we felt for these guys a few years ago. Now we're crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

'Muppets: Most Wanted' arrives in theaters on March 21, 2014.

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