Though the most recent pilot season gave us plenty to work with in the future, we were disappointed to learn that Craig Robinson's post-'Office' vehicle had failed to earn a pickup, as well as Krysten Ritter's 'Assistance.' Now, NBC has issued new hope that either drama could remain alive for a potential pickup down the line.

According to Deadline, NBC has extended the cast options on either series, and ordered an additional three scripts each. Written by ‘The Office’ Supervising Producer Owen Ellickson, Robinson's sitcom would see the 'Hot Tub Time Machine 2' star as a down-and-out musician who takes a new life as a music teacher in a big-city middle school.

Meanwhile, Ritter's series would have seen her in a new sitcom pilot from FunnyOrDie founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, that of a quickly paced comedy, following a “working girl” assistant caught between her “work husband” colleague and her actual fiancée.

Ritter and Robinson aren't the only ones getting good news either, as John Stamos drama 'I Am Victor' has also received an additional script order toward a possible midseason pickup, while 'SNL' vet John Mulaney's sitcom may find a second chance on FOX.

Well, what say you? Which of the passed-over pilots do you think most deserves a second chance for the coming season?