Yesterday we caught our first taste of 'Hannibal's' latest episode "Ceuf," which NBC and series creator Bryan Fuller opted to pull, out of sensitivity to the recent Boston Marathon bombing tragedy. Instead, the network will air follow-up episode "Coquilles" in its place later tonight, but in order to fill in continuity, NBC has put near of the entire "Ceuf" episode online in six different webisodes. Get a taste of 'Hannibal's forbidden fruit inside!

Understandably, NBC opted to pull tonight's intended 'Hannibal' episode "Ceuf" for content that featured children committing violence against other children, out of sensitivity to the Boston Marathon bombings. The network assured that skipping ahead an episode to tonight's "Coquilles" wouldn't create any major continuity issues, but has put the remainder of the episode online regardless.

Whereas tonight's "Coquilles" focuses more on a new (and disgusting) case, along with introducing former 'Firefly' star Gina Torres as Jack Crawford's wife, pulled episode "Ceuf" puts the focus squarely on orphaned youth Abigail Hobbs (Kacey Rohl), dealing with the aftermath of her trauma and newfound bond with the good Dr. Lecter.

"Ceuf" will still air in international markets, while it remains unclear if NBC plans to post the episode in its entirety online. You can check out the webisodes below, and tune in for another all-new 'Hannibal' episode tonight on NBC!