You know what?  It's fine.  We're going to go ahead and cash in our chips, given that 'Parks and Recreation,' '30 Rock,' likely 'The Office,' and even 'Community' have all been green-lit for additional seasons.  'Whitney' also getting renewed for an additional season is but a wayward eyelash on the ice cream sundae that is NBC's fall 2012 lineup. 

Deadline reports that in spite of its poor critical ratings and viewership, NBC has officially opted to renew freshman sitcom 'Whitney' for an additional season, along with its other single-camera comedies.  No word yet on whether 'Whitney' receives a full 22-episode order like 'Parks and Recreation,' or a probationary 13 like NBC's other struggling comedies.  Additionally, 'Whitney's announcement arrives without any mention of its Wednesday night partner 'Are You There, Chelsea,' which would likely imply its cancellation even further.

So, the bottom like is that you should take the news as you will.  If you're a fan of 'Whitney,' which some say has become increasingly likeable throughout its first season, then you're in luck!  At the very least, we've got additional seasons of the greats like 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Community,' and even closure for '30 Rock' to tide us over.  And if you're waiting for news of 'Are You There, Chelsea"...please leave.  The article is over.

What say you?  Did 'Whitney' deserve a second season, likely partitioning funding from other shows that might have used it?  Which of NBC's new and returning fall lineup has you the most interested?  Sound off with your feelings in the comments!