Inevitably unquestioned lord and master of TV, Netflix has been pushing into a variety of different genres for its original programming, and now has Sylvester Stallone himself in mind to take on the reality competition. Sly will executive produce a new international Ultimate Beastmaster competition, as teams from all over the world compete to master an obstacle course.

The ten-episode series will feature 108 competitors from the U.S., Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Germany, and Japan tackling “The Beast” obstacle course, with each episode highlighting 12 challengers from the different countries (in six teams). The finale will send the nine previously-crowned “Beastmasters” to compete on a final obstacle course for the title of “Ultimate Beastmaster.”

Intriguingly, Netflix will stream six different versions of the show, depending on your country, each with different hosts and focused on that nation’s competitors. The hosts, per Netflix:

U.S.: Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and Charissa Thompson (Fox Sports)
Brazil: Anderson Silva (UFC Middleweight Champion) and Rafinha Bastos (TV personality)
South Korea: Seo Kyung Suk (TV host) and Park Kyeong Rim (actress)
Mexico: Ines Sainz (sportscaster) and Luis Ernesto Franco (actor)
Germany: Hans Sarpei (soccer star) and Luke Mockridge (comedian)
Japan: Sayaka Akimoto (actress), Yuji Kondo (sports anchor)

And says Stallone himself:

The world will watch in awe as amazing competitors from around the globe overcome grueling physical challenges — and in the process become champions and heroes. The course is unequaled in its daring creation and I am excited to be a part of it.

Netflix didn’t specify a timetable, but will streaming reality competitions catch on with the same fervor?

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