The latest Batman: Arkham Knight trailer may lack the sheer dramatic oomph of the debut teaser, but it has something more important than impressive CG cutscenes: actual gameplay footage. Anyone can cut together a bunch of animated dramatic scenes and get people excited, but it takes inventive and fresh gameplay to make people actually fall in love with the finished product. So, how does the fourth game in the acclaimed "Arkham" series look now that we've actually seen it in action?

Well, it looks pretty good! After an extended introduction by an unseen baddie (who threatens to plunge Gotham City into chaos and what-not), the Caped Crusader leaps into the Batmobile and the actual game footage begins! From what we can see, it looks like a nice mixture of Batman: Arkham City and Grand Theft Auto, transferring Rocksteady's acclaimed-for-a-reason gameplay into an open world environment. If this is anything like the last few games, the story will be pretty good and the combat fantastic, but the real draw is definitely the chance to drive that hulking and badass Batmobile through, over and under Gotham. If that thing controls well and isn't a hindrance (as is the case in some games of this type), it may be a video game highlight of 2014.

Other than that, the trailer offers more of the same, but that's not always a bad thing. It all looks gorgeous (praise be the PS4 and Xbox One, huh?) and we can't imagine Rocksteady flubbing what they've promised is the final chapter of their involvement in the series. We'll reserve any final judgments until the game is out and we have a controller in our hands, but we'll say this much: we really, really can't wait for this to be out and to have a controller in our hands!