Insert your own "the prodigal son has returned" joke here, but there's no denying how exciting it is that director Robert Zemeckis has finally released himself from his experimental motion capture prison and is back to making real movies. His first live action film since 'Cast Away' in 2000, 'Flight' premiered to positive reviews at the New York Film Festival and looks like it may be a big player in the upcoming awards season. But you're here because a new clip has been released from the film, so scroll on down!

'Flight' stars Denzel Washington as a pilot whose quick thinking and skills save nearly everyone on board a damaged and seemingly doomed plane. For his trouble, he becomes a national hero...until the investigation into what went down begins and he finds himself in a very rough place. The film's spoiler-filled trailer will tell you more if you care to watch.

Anyway, the clip takes place after the crash and features a hospitalized Washington being updated on his current situation by John Goodman. How nice is it to see Washington in a role that isn't entirely about bravado and swagger? And how nice is it to see Goodman in anything?


'Flight' will hit theaters on November 2 and it's directed by the man who made 'Back to the Future' and 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', so you should probably go see it.