Some new details about the heroes of Fable Legends have recently been revealed, like the fact that they'll be able to form relationships with other characters.

An article on OXM UK features some new details about Fable Legends' heroes, as told by game director David Eckelberry.

Now, Legends will be an online-multiplayer game, which is unlike any of the past Fable games that have come before it. Though the style of the game will be different, Eckelberry said it will have some things in common with the previous titles in the series, such as "character-defining moral choices."

Though your character's personality will be established upon choosing them, there will be moments in the game when you can perform actions that are "good" or "not so good," according to Eckelberry. Whether these moral choices will have far-reaching consequences wasn't explored, but hopefully we'll learn more about them later on.

Eckelberry went on to describe some of the personalities of some of the heroes in Fable Legends, comparing some of them to Superman and revealing that some are just interested in cold, hard cash. Our favorite description would probably be the one about the hero who's in dire, financial straits.

"And we have another character who's just doing this because he's run up a really big bar tab, and if he doesn't pay it off he's in trouble," said Eckelberry.

You'll be able to level up and customize your heroes on the adventure, sure, but you'll also have the ability to form relationships with other heroes, via side quests. As they take part in more side quests, they'll have better interactions with others.

Check out the link above to learn even more details about the heroes we'll embody once Fable Legends is released next year. Keep in mind that we'll also be able to play as villains, so that could open up many different possibilities as well.