What could possibly resuscitate Tim Burton's career after his recent string of disappointments? 'Frankenweenie' can, apparently, as evidenced by this delightful new trailer.

It's the second official trailer for the film, and while the first half is familiar stuff from our first peek, the second half really illuminates the plot of Burton's latest. Based on the live action short he made in 1984, this animated feature tells the story of Victor, a young boy who tries to bring his pet dog Sparky back to life after an unfortunate accident.

This trailer features an expansion on that concept, as it appears that the rest of the kids in town get an itch to bring their own deceased pet friends back to life, as well, resulting in some hilarious -- and kind of gross -- mishaps. One of the better gags in the trailer comes near the end as a little girl says her cat has a message for Victor and opens her hand to reveal something... special... from the cat's litter box.

'Frankenweenie' looks to feature what we love the most about Tim Burton -- whimsical visuals, a slight melancholic tone, and the director's unique approach to things that are dead or dying. Beneath all of that, we hope, is a touching story about coping with the death of someone -- or something -- you love.

The film also reunites Burton with cast members Winona Ryder and Catherine O'Hara, who co-star with Martin Landau, Christopher Lee, and vocal chameleon Tom Kenny. Noticeably absent: Johnny Depp. Coincidence? You decide.