Though it seems like a distant, clip-clopping memory by now, many HBO fans still feel the bitter sting of 'Luck's cancellation, even if it put a stop to all those dead horses.  Still, plenty of the show's stars have managed to find their feet, with Kevin Dunn landing on the second season of HBO's 'Veep,' Jason Gedrick menacing 'Dexter,' and now Dennis Farina has joined the gang as the latest recruit to 'New Girl!'  Playing Nick Miller (Jake Johnson)s proud papa, what does daddy Miller do that has us feeling 'Luck'-y all over again?

'New Girl' has a whole lot of star power in its second season, soon to introduce 'The Newsroom' star Olivia Munn as Nick's new girlfriend, but TVLine reports the character has yet another visitor waiting in the wings.  Former 'Luck' star Dennis Farina will drop by the loft as Nick's estranged con-man father Walt Miller, appearing in early 2013!

According to the report, Walt Miller lives his life as a con-man, and his appearance leaves Nick more than suspicious, even if his roommates all seem intrigued to meet the man.  The father and son pair will even share several scenes at a race track, much like Farina's former 'Luck' gig.

What say you?  Are you excited to meet more 'New Girl' parents, after last night brought Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner?  Who would you like to see guest on the series?