Thanks to HBO, Kevin Dunn won't be out of a job very long. The pay cabler's horse-racing drama 'Luck' may have been shut down just as production began on a second season, but that doesn't mean its cast should have to lose the race! Series star (as well as 'Transformers' dad) Kevin Dunn will take a significant role in the upcoming second season of the Emmy-winning 'Veep,' but as whom? Is one 'Veep' staffer out of a job?

'Veep' may no longer have its bosom buddy in HBO's 'Girls,' but production will begin on the second season of the vice presidential drama sooner rather than later. To that end, the series has just cast former 'Luck' star Kevin Dunn for a recurring role in the show's second season, that of the president's chief of staff "Ben." As is the case with 'Veep,' of course, you'll never actually see him interact with the president himself.

Not much is known about the second season of the Julia Louis-Dreyfus-fronted series, other than plans to introduce several characters from Denmark, according to TVLine. Whomever they are, we suspect they'll be won over by Dreyfus' Emmy-winning charm as Vice President Selina Meyer.

What say you? Are you interested in seeing a few new staff members for the second season of 'Veep'? Where would you like to see the next season go?