Oh, how it seems like forever the time in which we've been away from Zooey Deschanel and the quirky misfits of 'New Girl.'  While the first season alone boasted plenty of star-powered guest turns, just imagine what's on deck for season 2, kicking off on Tuesday, September 25!   Jess will have at least one new love interest familiar (or not) to NBC audiences, while Schmidt may have a "shot" at love of his own.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting a trio of casting announcements for 'New Girl' season 2, which just last week surprised viewers with a few Emmy nominations of its own.  First up is former 'Bent' star David Walton appearing in the premiere, set to play a new love interest of Jess' as a "classic bad-boy type" who mistakes her for someone else, before she decides to go along with it.

Elsewhere, 'This is 40' actress (and wife to Judd Apatow) Leslie Mann will appear as a "shot girl" whom Schmidt hires to work the party celebrating his penis cast removal (yeah), and former 'Reno 911!' star Niecy Nash  will guest in an early installment of Season 2 as a hooker who steal’s Jess’ purse.  Also known is that 'The Hangover' star Rachel Harris' will at some point reprise her season 1 role as the principal of Jess' school.

Walton's previous NBC series 'Bent' co-starred Amanda Peet and arrived to much critical acclaim, but quietly aired its initial six episodes before NBC decided to pull the plug.

What say you?  Plenty more announcements are sure to come, but are you excited about the first bits of casting from 'New Girl' season 2?  What are your thoughts on the coming year?  Sound off in the comments below!