As one of the many recognizable 'that guy's of the movie and TV landscape, we're excited to see that former 'Traffic Light' and 'The Office' star Nelson Franklin has landed a role in 'New Girl' season 2.  Franklin will appear beginning with the show's September 24 premiere, but who will the one-time 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World' player portray?  And what bad news might it mean for one of the regulars?

TVGuide announces today that former 'Traffic Light' star Nelson Franklin will next appear in the September 24 premiere of 'New Girl' season 2.  Neon will portray Cece's new boyfriend Robby, an "anti-Schmidt" described as a horrible dancer and deaf in one ear.  Fans of the series will remember that Cece (Hannah Simone) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) dated largely in secret over the first season, before breaking up in the finale.

From the looks of Nelson, it would seem that Hannah's certainly developed a taste for men outside the modeling lifestyle.  Or could it all be a bid to make Schmidt jealous?

Nelson joins the growing number of guest stars for ‘New Girl’ season 2, including 'The Book of Mormon' star Josh Gad, frequent Judd Apatow star (and spouse) Leslie Mann as a “shot girl” who catches Schmidt’s eye, ‘Bent’ star David Walton as a bad-boy sex interest for Jess, and former ‘Reno 911!’ star Niecy Nash as a street hooker after Jess’ purse.  Rachel Harris will also reprise her role as the principal of Jess’ school, though judging by what we’ve heard recently, she won’t have good news.

What say you?  Are you excited to see Nelson Franklin pop up in ‘New Girl’ season 2?  Do you think Robby has any shot of keeping Cece away from Schmidt?  Tell us what you’re looking forward to seeing in the comments below!