Yes, you read that correctly.  Why shouldn't 'New Girl' have twists?  For those of you who actually charted 'New Girl's development from the beginning, you'll remember that the lovingly adorkable Jess (Zooey Deschanel) only came to find herself living with three men after stumbling upon then-boyfriend Spencer cheating.  That said, what are the writers changing up about the series for Jess' next big crisis?

The unemployment line is about to get a bit more adorkable, as 'New Girl' executive producer Liz Meriwether reveals to Entertainment Weekly that the quirky Jess will find herself out of her teaching job in season 2, and re-evaluating her chosen profession.  “She’s having to restart her life and figure out who she is and what she wants to do,” Meriwether says. “I think we’re going to take our time and figure out what she wants and let her have a moment of questioning who she is, why she’s a teacher, and if that’s really what she wants to do.”

Logistically speaking, the increase in free time will allow Jess to experiment with a few new jobs, as well as men, given that we learned yesterday former 'Bent' star David Walton will play a new love interest beginning with the premiere.  Elsewhere, frequent Judd Apatow player (and wife) Leslie Mann will appear as a "shot girl" at a party for Schmidt (another job Jess tries), while former 'Reno 911!' star Niecy Nash will guest star as a hooker.

But perhaps the biggest twist of all?  This season will see the introduction of Jess' parents!  Shudder. No actors have yet been announced for the pair.

What say you?  Do you like how 'New Girl' season 2 is shaping up, or is it just another excuse to make Zooey Deschanel seem awkward?  Sound off in the comments below!