With the release of 'Iron Man 3' only a few months away, Marvel has begun rolling out various posters showcasing the highly anticipated film's robust supporting cast. Last week, we got a look at Don Cheadle in his Iron Patriot armor and today, we have a poster starring Guy Pearce, whose Aldrich Killian is still a big question mark. Check it out below!

Here's what we do know. We know that Dr. Killian is working to develop dangerous nanotechnology with Rebecca Hall's Maya Hansen and we know that something goes horribly wrong and their tech falls into the hands of certain dangerous individuals who have a grudge or two with Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark. We're not entirely sure how much of a role Killian will play beyond that, but if you'd like to know more, you should check out Warren Ellis' 'Iron Man: Extremis,' which is the source material for the film. We're going into this one knowing as little as possible!

After three increasingly bonkers performances in 2012 (was that really the same guy in 'Lawless,' 'Prometheus' and 'Lockout'?), this poster shows us a more traditional Guy Pearce: suave, handsome and looking very much like he has something up his sleeve. If he's getting his own poster, then surely there is more to Pearce and Killiam (who has been all-but absent in the marketing up until now) than meets the eye.

'Iron Man 3' arrives on May 3rd. You can see the poster below, which comes courtesy of Empire.