Len Wiseman's remake of 'Total Recall' is one of this summer's biggest wild cards. Will audiences flock to a remake of a modern classic that abandons much of what makes the original so beloved? Is Colin Farrell capable of drawing the crowds? Why does the whole thing look so much like 'Minority Report'? So many questions...which is certainly appropriate for a movie that appears to be all about asking questions. The latest TV spot emphasizes the film's memory-wiping, identity-seeking twists alongside all of the futuristic action.

What's especially odd about this fim (and made very clear by the latest trailers) is how it's aping so much of Paul Verhoeven's 1992 film while creating its own tone. The original 'Total Recall' was silly and colorful, a bloody, gleefully offensive romp through a world of ultraviolence, mutants and insane science fiction concepts. It always had a glint in its eye and it always felt like Verhoeven didn't want us to take it too seriously. This new take on the material looks deadly serious and completely devoid of the sly, cartoonish comedy and satire that makes the original such a joy to watch. Should 'Total Recall' be played this straight faced, especially if it's going to crib so heavily from the original? Check out the new spot below (courtesy of Coming Soon) and chime in.

'Total Recall' hits theaters on August 3rd. Will you be in line to see it?