HBO just released the trailer for the upcoming Aaron Sorkin series, 'The Newsroom' starring Jeff Daniels as a cable news anchor whose career spirals out of control when he - you guessed it - "spanks a co-ed."

And by "spanked" I mean deliver a verbal lashing during a panel at a college. When pressed about his feelings on America's status as the greatest country in the world, Daniel's character, Will McAvoy starts dropping all kinds of knowledge in the form literacy and infant mortality rates on unwitting female student. McAvoy's "human moment" then goes viral, forcing his producer, Mackenzie MacHale (played by Emily Mortimer) to do all kinds of damage control on McAvoy's nightly news show.

HBO has ordered 10 episodes of 'The Newsroom' which will bow on June 24th. Also appearing in the series is Sam Waterson as the president of ACN, the network which airs McAvoy's 'News Night' program. Jane Fonda will have a recurring role as the CEO of ACN's parent company, Olivia Munn will play a financial analyst with a show on the network and Terry Crews will play McAvoy's bodyguard.

Check out the trailer for this promising new series below!