It's a rumor just about as old as the Time Lords themselves, but some recent developments in the light of an April Fools' day prank might be suggesting that we're closer to seeing a woman step out of the iconic 'Doctor Who' TARDIS than we might have thought.  But who would pick up the Sonic Screwdriver?

On the glorious, and wonderful pranking fest known as April Fools' Day, ordinarily reputable 'Doctor' Who' news source Doctor Who TV predictably had a bit of fun with its readers, claiming with certainty that among other things, the Twelfth Doctor would be a woman, a long-bandied about concept.  Not only that, but previously reported as the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)'s companion, Jenna-Louise Coleman would rather shockingly regenerate as the next Doctor during the 2012 Christmas special

So while everyone had a bit of a lark at the idea, some British sources seem to have gone further.  On April 2, UK gossip mag Daily Express claimed an inside mole had told them of real truth to the rumor, only that the female Doctor would be introduced in the 2013 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special, not played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.  Says the inside source, "The 50th anniversary series will end with a very big twist. The Doctor becoming a woman will give the show a new lease of life."

But who would be the one to step inside the TARDIS should there be any truth to the rumor, and Matt Smith decide to step away after his current contract culminates with the anniversary special?  According to the report, one-time 'Sherlock' star Lara Pulver is considered to be a 'real contender' for the role.  Pulver previously played Irene Adler on the series.

Of course, who's to say if there's any accuracy to these latest rumors, but what say you?  Could the next 'Doctor Who' really be a woman, and if so, who has what it takes to fill that iconic police box?  Give us your reaction and casting suggestions in the comments below!