Based on early feedback from the Forza Motosport 5 community, Turn 10 will be instituting some changes to the way the in-game economy works. Included in the upcoming update will also be some new multiplayer modes, too.

Turn 10 broke down the changes coming over on Xbox Wire, and the improvements are numerous. Driver level payouts are moving from 15,000 credits to 35,000 credits. Turn 10 said players racing on average difficulty would seen a 60 percent increase in credits earned on an hourly basis. Obviously, upping the difficulty will see that number spike even higher. Of course, Turn 10 isn't stopping by just paying out more for racing. The prices of all on-disc cars will be dropping significantly as well. Every car in the game available without DLC add-ons will see a price decrease of 45 percent.

"To use a specific example, the Ferrari 250 GTO, one of the most expensive cars in Forza Motorsport 5, will cost 2 million credits after the content update," Turn 10 noted. "Down from 6 million credits when the game launched. By comparison, that same car cost 10 million credits in Forza Motorsport 4."

Drag racing and Tag will also be added to the multiplayer race modes in the same update. Drag racing will support up to 16 different racers in multiple heats, or eight racers all on one track at the same time. Dragsters will be able to race on quarter-mile, half-mile or full-mile strips, and can partake in either Ultimate Drag (for tuned cars of any class) and Ultimate Drag RWD (rear-wheel drive only, any class is eligible). Tag is about as unrealistic as Forza 5 gets, and will be all about strategy and wrecks. There will be three modes available to play when the update hits.

  • Keep the It: One player begins the match as “It.” The goal is for the “It” player to keep “It” status for as long as possible. “It” status transfers each time someone makes contact with the “It” player. Once the match timer has completed, the player with the most “It” time wins.
  • Tag Virus – One player begins the match as “It.” Each time an “It” player makes contact with another car, the “It” status spreads like a virus. The last uninfected player standing wins the match.
  • Pass the It: Similar to “Keep the It”, one player begins a “Pass the It” match with “It” status. “It” status transfers each time someone makes contact with the “It.” At the end of the match, the player with the least amount of “It” time wins.

Should fit right in line with how everyone races in Forza 5 anyway, but at least now crashing into other people will serve a purpose, and won't just be a dick move. Seriously, some of these Drivatars drive worse than a pack of wild grandmothers racing to the grocery store.

No word on when the update will hit, but hopefully we'll be able to start making more money and racing friends in these new modes before the end of the year.