Back to the Future Part II imagined a future of magical technology. Home energy reactors. Flying cars. Pizza rehydrators. Fax machines in people’s bathrooms. None of these things have come true. (You could probably have a fax machine in your bathroom if you wanted, but you wouldn’t get much use out of it at this point.) But all anyone really seems to care about are Marty McFly’s goddamn self-lacing sneakers.

Maybe that’s because unlike BTTF II’s more ambitious future visions, sneakers that tie themselves seems like something that should be eminently feasible in 2016. In the last couple years, Nike has partnered with Michael J. Fox to create real-world versions of Marty’s shoes, called the Nike Mag, and auctioned them off, with all the proceeds going to Fox’s foundation for Parkinson’s research. Today, they launched their latest charity campaign with a new batch of Mags up for grabs.

So there are 100 pairs of Mags that you can get over at by buying what amounts to digital raffle tickets. They go for $10 a pop, and “100% of the proceeds” go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The drawing begins today and ends in one week. Winners will be notified by October 17.

I have to assume your chances of getting a pair of light-up, sort-of hideous self-tying sneakers are about as good as hitting the Mega Millions jackpot. But at least in this case, your money is going to a good cause, so if you’ve got the cash to burn and your Halloween costume is still up in the air, there are worse ways to lose $50. At least until they make pizza rehydrators.

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