It remains to be seen if ABC will move forward with its forthcoming 'Once Upon A Time' spinoff series, now changing its title from 'Once: Wonderland' to the mouthful of 'Once Upon A Time in Wonderland,' but the cast continues beefing up. Now joining the cast is 'Wonderland's' new "Red Queen," but will she be as integral to the plot as the recent memorable portrayal from Helena Bonham Carter?

Rather than a traditional pilot, ABC's 'Once Upon A Time' spinoff 'Once Upon A Time in Wonderland' will soon shoot its four-scene presentation following the wrap on the parent series' second season. Adding to the cast, Deadline reveals that 'Hollyoaks' star Emma Rigby has joined the cast in the role of Red Queen Iracebeth, notable for having a short temper and being merciless against her enemies and betrayers.

Australian actress Sophie Lowe will play the role of Alice herself, while Peter Gadiot will play her mysterious love interest “Cyrus.” ‘Being Human’ star Michael Socha also joins as the Knave of Hearts from the classic tale. ‘Once’ writer/producer Jane Espenson, ‘Zero Hour’s’ Zack Estrin and Steve Pearlman will shoot a teaser presentation in the coming weeks, and a full pilot in late July or August if the presentation moves forward.

What say you? Are you interested to visit the land of 'Once Upon A Time in Wonderland'?

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