Well, we have to give it to ABC's 'Once Upon A Time,' they certainly go all out when it comes to voice talent for the series. Where such previous vocal guest stars as The Who's Roger Daltrey and 'Dexter''s John Lithgow have given life to iconic fairy tale characters, dope shock rocker Marilyn Manson will next loan his throaty pipes to play the mysterious Shadow of Neverland, a much darker character than we've come to remember from the stories.

According to Rolling Stone, Manson's voice will pop up in a November episode, though the kidnapping, soul-stealing shadow has already appeared opposite the villainous Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) in previous episodes. “We’ve always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson,” executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told Rolling Stone of the casting decision. “We wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl.”

Though perhaps the most mainstream, 'Once Upon A Time' is hardly Marilyn Manson (real name Brian Hugh Warner)'s first time in front of the TV camera, having appeared in the past season of Showtime's 'Californication' as himself, with such movie credits as David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway,'‘Jawbreaker,’ and Michael Moore documentary ‘Bowling For Columbine.'

Well, what say you? Would you tune in to 'Once Upon A Time' to hear Marilyn Manson's spooky take on the Neverland Shadow? Check out the latest preview below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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