So, two Hellboys and a comedian walk into a bar…

It sounds like a dumb joke, but that’s exactly what happened when Patton Oswalt organized a “detente” dinner between the outgoing Hellboy and the incoming one. Oswalt sat Ron Perlman and David Harbour down to settle whatever tensions the two might be experiencing during this whole awkward. franchise transfer. Perlman, for his part, has been very gracious about this whole thing, and even posted in his Instagram of the dinner, “Good luck kid! Signed, the babe.”

Is that a gift on the table to the right of Harbour? Maybe it’s just a leftovers bag.

Fans of the Guillermo del Toro series (me included) can’t help but feel totally bummed about the whole thing still, but it’s great that there’s no bad blood between these guys, at least not publicly. This could possibly be the most amiable group of actors ever assembled for a dinner. Oswalt called it a “smashing success” on Twitter:

The new Hellboy movie would see David Harbour as the red-skinned cat-loving demon, and be directed by Game of ThronesNeil Marshall. Neither del Toro nor Perlman will be involved in the reboot.

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